Monday, November 26, 2007

Popgun Comic Anthology Out This Week!!!!

Yes, in the tradition of blatant self-promotion I'm announcing the arrival of Popgun, the Ultimate graphics Mixtape to store shelves this week. I'm really excited about this particular anthology. Cover by Mike Allred!! And not only do I have an 18 page comic, Leed's Devil, I also drew the front and back inside covers. Please pick it up if you can, volume 2 won't be far behind. For more info go to the Popgun website

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CosmicPencil said...

Mr. Flood,

I picked up Popgun for the Mark Smith stuff, but it is always great to find people I am unfamiliar with.
I am not familiar with your work at all, but now have bookmarked both your site and your blog. I really enjoy your work and I am glad that you were in Popgun! There is some amazing work on this blog, and I look forward to coming back and checking in!