Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New York Comic Con

Time to head down to the Javits Center this weekend and check out the con. Not sure just yet when or where I'll be, but rest assured you will not find me, no, not because I'll be in my Racer X costume, I just assume it'll be a mob scene, much worse than it was last year. Wading through all those jedi is fun (the best is when you catch them with a iced coffee, they're all "one with the force" in their bathrobe and plastic lightsaber, suckin' on a Frappacino, wait, did I use the correct pluralization, is it jedis, or is jedi like deer and the single and plural are the same?)

I need to start a website that collects people caught in the background of comic con photos, especial photos of guys leering at scantily clad female cosplayers. Yes, pervs, you ARE being photographed.
It's gonna be a long weekend, best of luck to all of those who brave the con

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Times

Well, I've been really churning this stuff out for the past couple of weeks. Here's a splash page I hope gets to be in an upcoming anthology, more on that later.

Mark Andrew Smith and Paul Maybury have a new graphic novel Aqua Leung,
What a week. Hellcity hit page 129 tonight, man still got a long way to go.
This is the Hell version of the daily planet
The line for the Murakami show at the Brooklyn museum was too long, but I'm in the neighborhood so I'll get around to going eventually.
Kind of all over the place tonight but hey what do you expect at 2 in the morning

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gwendy Vs. MJ

This is one of the many reasons I want to draw Spider-Man at some point, and I'd try my best to get Marvel to let me do it in the 60's. I think Mary Jane works best as the aggressive bohemian type to counter Gwen Stacey's prissy daughter-of-the-police-chief look. Growing up in the McFarlane era of Spider-Man comics, it wasn't 'till I checked out the Essential volumes (particularly vol 4 and 5) that I got to see Mary Jane in go-go boots, we need to bring that back! (at one point the love generation happened and we get MJ in a fringe leather jacket, but Stan and John were only trying to keep up with the culture they can't be blamed for that.) For that reason, Marvel always tries to keep their stuff super contemporary and hip, unlike the DC universe (in masterful hands like Darwyn Cooke) which is timeless. I remember reading the first issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four, and a kid was wearing a Sum 41 shirt, way to date yourselves jerks, I put the comic down at that point.