Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cricket Gets Her Heart Broken Again

So I just started a new Bill, Cricket and Frankie comic for Popgun vol 2 and I thought about really wanting to bring back James, a character that was introduced in a comic I did called Mod vs. Mod back when I was on Graphic Smash. not only am I interested in bringing James back but also expanding on his two-headed girlfriends Bonnie and Claudia. in the story the two sisters didn't have much of a personality. I imagine they befriend Cricket in an attempt to find a female companion in the limited microcosm of the sewers. I also decided to start drawing Cricket with gaiters, an early more utilitarian version of a spat.
Cricket used to wear those big Wellington boots, but they're are very fashionable right now, she was wearing them before it was cool, but hey she was just trying to keep her feet dry and gaiters do a damn fine job so... anyway if you want to read the whole James comic I've posted it on the link above. Enjoy