Monday, March 26, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

     So it all started with me being bored and doodling in my sketchbook while watching TV.  I really liked this sketch of the Incredible Hulk fighting Thor.  

     I'd never really drawn Thor or been a huge fan, but thought it would make a cool illustration.  I did several versions that I didn't really like and posted them on Facebook to gauge my fellow artists' reactions to them.  A whole online conversation ensued, if you so choose, you can view the drawings here.  
     This started a whole chain reaction.  I had Avengers on the brain and had to clean out my head.  Sometimes I've got to do this while working on large graphic novel  projects.  It started with just Hulk and Thor, so I just kept going, next thing you know i've got a ton of Avengers drawings, here are some of my favorites:

 This Giant Man drawing was kind of an afterthought, but I decided to include him anyway.
Wasp is one of those characters I'm baffled by.  No matter what her costume design, she either ends up looking like Tinkerbell or a sexy bee.  I honestly don't know much about her character (in fact I know little of the Avengers comics in general)  Does she even have a weapon?  I gave her a gun, it shoots lasers and looks like a stinger.  Sorry folks no Vision or Hawkeye, maybe next time.

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