Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New York Comic Con

Time to head down to the Javits Center this weekend and check out the con. Not sure just yet when or where I'll be, but rest assured you will not find me, no, not because I'll be in my Racer X costume, I just assume it'll be a mob scene, much worse than it was last year. Wading through all those jedi is fun (the best is when you catch them with a iced coffee, they're all "one with the force" in their bathrobe and plastic lightsaber, suckin' on a Frappacino, wait, did I use the correct pluralization, is it jedis, or is jedi like deer and the single and plural are the same?)

I need to start a website that collects people caught in the background of comic con photos, especial photos of guys leering at scantily clad female cosplayers. Yes, pervs, you ARE being photographed.
It's gonna be a long weekend, best of luck to all of those who brave the con

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