Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Week Well Spent

Last week I spent in Poland, Maine visiting my fiend Matt Berier, he is an awesome cartoonist and was gracious enough to invite my girlfriend, Hilary and our friend Emily and I to his family's cabin right on a pristine lake. We had an amazing time, And to proved that it really existed, here are some pictures that Emily, who just so happens to be a very talented professional photographer, took. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there is a healthy moose population in Maine, we did not see a single moose, even though we did see some really great loons when swimming on the lake. While swimming at night, I imagined a Giant Moose-god rising from the water in all his mighty terror (mind you moose are highly aggressive and very dangerous so if you do see one, stay away, and don't hit them with your car, you will die) and Matt being the most daring swimmer and furthest from the shore would be the first to get trampled/squished?..uhh gored? (how would a moose kill you?) Anyway swimming in cold lake water at midnight gave way to these thoughts and hallucinations and so here's the drawing I stared in the hotel room Hilary, Emily and I had to stay in because the van we were driving tore its fan belt and the car over heated and.. well I'll go into more detail about that adventure some other time. Many thanks to Matt for his hospitality and taking us out on his boat and everything, See Matt's blog for lots more details and pictures.

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matt said...

Say now, that's a fine likeness!

For the record, moose typically stomp you to death, rather than bludgeoning you with their antlers. To get an idea of what it would be like, imagine those hydraulic hopping cars that obnoxious people who dress like murdering five year olds seem to like. Picture the car, hopping up and down. Make the wheels into moose feet and imagine yourself underneath. You get the picture.